Angels Bringing Others Close


This Sacred Embers has a bit more personal meaning to me.  Don’t get me wrong, all of the Sacred Embers that I create mean so much to me, but this was a bit different.  Someone that my brother had known MANY  years ago (my brother being the “spark” of Sacred Embers), contacted me to create a Sacred Embers for her because her very special kitty, Buddy had  passed away.  It was such a wonderful thing to talk with her because it was another connection to my brother.  I thank  you David, I now have another friend.

Sacred Embers to Bring Peace to a Family


I had a request for 7 Sacred Embers for a family that lost an important family member.  A difficult thing during the holiday season.  Hoping for peace to be delivered with these Sacred Embers.

Orange Leaf

Created in honor of a Grandmother that was very special and loved to create art and music.

The Heart of the BullsEye Dog Rescue


Angus was her shadow and now he is gone to missed for a lifetime. In honor of Angus.  The protector of babies of all kinds, the quiet teacher.  A beautiful loving dog that was the companion of  a woman with an incredible heart.  Her mission in life: saving dogs and other animals.  Angus was a giant part of that process.  I pray that this ring helps her know that Angus is with her every day with each new soul she is saving.

My sweet Sapphire


On October first this year I had to put sweet Sapphire our cat of 15 years to sleep.  I had a feeling earlier in the year that this time was coming soon.  Just a feeling that I had.  It has been very difficult.  Creating his Sacred Embers was also heart wrenching.  I think it turned out beautiful and for his I used hair because he is buried in my yard now.

One more for her family

I presented this Sacred Embers to a brother that got this for his brother.  Their mom had passed away and this is the 4th Sacred Embers created for them. One was for the father/husband. I wish each of them peace.

Amazon the Rottweiler


These are Creative Forces Sacred Embers created with the ashes of our beloved Rottweiler Amazon. These are samples that I will show people. Just wanted to show you more examples. These are all pendants and amulets.



This ring is in honor of Patches. The sweet baby shown here. I think when you look at the Sacred Embers and Patches you can see the resemblance. Patches was a friend to everyone no matter who they were.

Sacred Embers was a part of a wedding. An amazing honor!

 I received this message from a client that has become a dear friend.  She had me create Sacred Embers for her husband and sister in law with ashes of their father.  This was such an incredible honor!  I never imagined that  a Creative Forces Sacred Embers would take part in a wedding. My heart is so very full.

“I wanted to share this with you and couldn’t wait til I got back home so I’m doing it in the car on our way back from Wenatchee for my sister in laws wedding. My husband gave her away since their dad passed away. When the minister asked “who gives this bride away?” Dan pulled his Sacred Embers from his pocket and said “my dad and I do.” I thought you would like that, to know that your creation was such a big part of the wedding.”

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